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Anna Villa: Qingdao's Timeless Love Haven

2023/11/22 18:55:40

QINGDAO, China, Nov. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- This is a report from Publicity Department of the CPC Qingdao Shinan District Committee:

In Qingdao's Shinan District lies Anna Villa, a century-old Baroque gem turned romantic sanctuary. Surrounded by a sea of roses, this historic building, erected by German merchant Robert Kappler, is now a testament to love. The intricate architecture, floral embellishments, and a unique tower evoke an exquisite oil painting effect.

Outdoors, symbols of eternal love, like the "Wings of Eternity" and the "Nine Steps to Forever" pathway, create a perfect setting for proposals and photos. The rose waterfall and adorable teddy bears add a touch of romance, capturing love's nuances with finesse.

Indoors, themed rooms and halls represent different eras of love, a love book room with over 2,000 romance novels, and a nostalgic Time Imprint Experience Hall offers a journey through the intricacies of romance. The outdoor terrace provides a panoramic view of St. Michael's Cathedral, and live bands often serenade beneath the stars.

Today, Anna Villa stands as Qingdao's first romantic marriage registration hall, dedicated to creating an all-age love industry. It combines social media shot, themed photography, singles' clubs, romantic afternoon tea, love-themed cultural and creative products, marriage proposals, anniversary celebrations, and love consultations.

To promote the integration of the "wedding + tourism" industry, Qingdao's Shinan District has strategically launched the "Solemn Pledge of Love" wedding IP. Leveraging the natural advantages and rich wedding industry resources of the city, the district integrates romantic arts, sweet love, and historical areas, making revitalized old buildings and streets a new hotspot for Qingdao tourism.

Relying on numerous distinctive historic buildings and streets, the district extensively incorporates high-end performances, fashionable wedding events, and trendy shows, creating a "wedding + new consumption," "old Liyuan blocks + new economy," and "original scenes + new experiences" business landscape. This approach infuses fashionable wedding culture into the city, embeds it in the industry, and brings it into daily life, forging a new model for integrated development in industry, city, and individuals.


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